Unlimited Creative Freedom

Imagine having the freedom to design a completely open space with high vaulted ceilings, unhindered by structural support. Designing within the clear span of a Sprung Structure gives you a blank canvas to create unique and functional spaces that not only meet your customer’s needs, but exceed their expectations of what is truly possible. Incorporate natural light with glazing walls and daylight panels, offering a truly distinct and versatile concept for occupants who are at work or play.

Bright, modern and spacious, Sprung Structures embody the spirit of today’s advanced workplace. To learn more Click Here.

Cincinnati Zoo fabric structure has a bright white interior lining which allows lovely light shows on the interior walls.
Cincinnati Zoo Banquet Facility with lighting effects on interior white lining
Sprung structures - Membrane buildings help the cities homeless populations.
Blue Origin headquarters in Kent, Washington in a prefab building.
Blue Origin headquarters in Kent Washington is in a modular structure.
Blue Origin headquarters in Kent, Washington in a tensile building.
Goldcorp Sprung Structure beautiful mosaic pattern on this tensile structure
Sprung Calgary Distribution Center breathtaking example of a tensile building
New Life Christian Center

Cost efficiency

The initial costs of building with Sprung Structures are lower than traditional building types. With over 2 million square feet of inventory structures can be shipped immediately and can be built much faster than conventional buildings. Reduced delivery and building schedules translate to real savings in time and budget.

Our patented membrane tensioning system is more air tight than other building systems. An air tight structure, combined with our performance insulation makes Sprung much more energy efficient providing cost savings through the life of the structure. This case study illustrates the effects of this energy savings.

There is no limit to creative design possibilities with a Sprung Structure. To learn more Click Here.

Architects Casino Sprung Prefab Structures
Architects Casino Sprung Modular Structures
Architects Casino Sprung Structures

Design Without Restriction

Our clear span design provides more than enough room for 3 hard courts and a second level running track in the Martensville Athletic Pavilion. To learn more Click Here.

Architects Martensville Sports Complex
Martensville Community Fitness Center - Sprung Structures
raised running track at martensville


“The column-free span of the Sprung Structure opened up design flexibility which allowed us to shift our focus to create inspirational, communal, and spiritual spaces that cultivate worship and fellowship.”

Brian P. Akert, AIA, Associate Partner
Holland Basham Architects
-Architects for St. James Church
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Sprung Newsletter
Sprung Newsletter
St james Church

“We own 15 acres of land on the side of a major highway. The Sprung structure is part of a ten acre development project. Our new facility is three floors, including a state of the art worship center with seating for 1000 people, a cafe, an expansive lobby, and a kid’s space. With over 31,000 sq ft on the first floor and over 8,000 sq ft of mezzanine space, our Sprung structure has given us room to connect with each other, worship together, and continue helping even more people connect with Jesus.”

Dr. Brett C. Avery, Executive Pastor
New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA
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New Life Christian Center, this expanding church needed immediate space for its growing congregation.
New Life Christian Center entrance foyer of this fabric structure feathers large glazing walls. Loads of natural light enter this large welcoming clear-span space.
New Life Christian Center Sprung Church Tensioned Membrane Structure

Architectural Membrane Colors

Sprung offers a variety of fabric membranes including Tedlar and Kynar. Our Kynar Architectural Membrane gives us the ability to match custom colors. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Architectural Membranes.

Piikani Arena Sprung Structure - modular building

Desert Tan and Brownstone Red

Accessories Sprung fabric structure

Salem Blue and Desert Tan

Church NorthStar Church tensile structure

Bright White and Bayberry Green













Custom colors are available in our Kynar Architectural Membrane


Our wide  variety of external membrane colors and advanced graphics packages offer impressive branding options for your clients. For more information Click Here.

Architects Gaming Sprung prefab structures
Architects Sprung Structure
Architects Point Casino Sprung Structrure

Visualization Tools

Sprung offers visualization tools, including renderings, animations and videos to help conceptualize your project and present it to your clients.

Virtual Tour of Sprung Campus

Click the image below to experience a full 3D immersive tour of our Sprung campus.

Top 5 Reasons:

  • Sprung Structures provide the same functionality of tradition building system at a much lower cost and faster build time
  • Increased natural light with our innovative daylight membrane and glazing wall options
  • With several print, foil and even inlaid fabric design options, our membranes can be designed to stand out, or integrate and enhance the aesthetics of the local environment or community
  • Our structures are extremely adaptable and can be built in places traditional construction can’t, to accommodate very specific requests from clients.
  • Sprung Structures are engineered as permanent structures. In addition, for temporary use, their design is ideal for interim swing space during construction or renovations. We have renting and leasing options available to fit any need.