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Build faster, with confidence. Our structures are simple and easy to install. Sprung works closely with our clients’ chosen contractors.

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Building a Sprung structure

For each Sprung project, we offer a comprehensive guide to contractors that includes detailed explanations and instructions for installing electrical, HVAC and sprinkler systems, as well as penetrations, installation bracket systems and other necessary information. Access to the guide will be provided to the project team.

We also provide a detailed plan that outlines labor and equipment requirements, as well as an experienced technical consultant who is on-hand for the construction of every Sprung structure.

The technical consultant also arrives equipped with a customized tool kit to ensure correct assembly of the Sprung structure.

Building codes and standards

We customize every Sprung structure to meet your specific site requirements, while following all local building codes and standards, including wind load, snow load and local energy codes. To learn more, please visit our Building Codes and Standards page.


“After 38 years in the business, you come to recognize three key elements to any product — outstanding quality, attention to detail and overall value. Sprung buildings make the top of the list in all three categories. In addition, Sprung’s level of service, from design inception through completion, was, and continues to be, outstanding.”

James Sobota
Sobota Group Builders LLC