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Aviation and Aerospace

Discover how Sprung manufacturing facilities are playing a crucial role in propelling Space X to push the boundaries of human innovation.
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Featured Aviation and Aerospace Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to learn more about the many ways Sprung structures help to support and optimize the aviation and aerospace industry around the world.

Tension fabric aircraft hangars and buildings

Sprung’s tensioned fabric structures are an ideal fit for aircraft hangars and other airport building applications because they can be installed immediately, are fully and easily relocatable, and can be leased or purchased for short or long terms. With minimal foundation requirements and a design that’s engineered for portability, Sprung airport buildings have ultimate flexibility to be moved for multiple applications and changing needs. Our hangar door options and a long-lasting architectural membrane further ensure long-term flexibility and reliability.

Choose Sprung for airport buildings

Many of those in the aviation industry have already chosen Sprung as their airport building solution. Sprung structures are in use as permanent and temporary aircraft hangars and aircraft repair facilities all over the world, including at Marshall Aerospace in England; as air cargo sorting facilities at Polar Air Cargo in Amsterdam and for Federal Express at Oakland International Airport; as ground support equipment warehousing and storage facilities for the Denver International Airport; as helicopter hangars for Shell in Nigeria; and even as the NASA Orbiter Protection Enclosure. With its long lifespan, a Sprung portable hangar offers all-weather protection from the elements and a virtually maintenance-free aluminum substructure that is durable enough for a 50-year guarantee. Many aviation companies also prefer to lease Sprung airfield buildings for applications ranging from one month to five years, and our flexible payment options ensure it makes sense economically. Contact your Sprung representative for more information about our aircraft hangar options.

Aircraft hangars and airfield buildings, built fast

Sprung offers the fastest creation and erection of temporary aircraft hangars and airport buildings on the market. Minimal foundation is required to install portable hangars and all manner of aircraft repair facilities, and the structures are easily relocated to meet multifarious fabric hangar needs. With more than 130 years of trust built globally, Sprung technology has successful solved business-location challenges for a wide variety of happy customers. We use our patented fabric membrane technology on all airport buildings and temporary aircraft hangars, so you can rest assured that your structure will function successfully for years to come.

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Aircraft Hangar Doors

Over the last 30 years we have designed and installed hundreds of aircraft hangars around the world. We are the inventor of the stressed membrane structure, and we take pride in the number of innovations we’ve brought the industry. We’ve designed reliable, quick to install, easy to use and cost effective hangar doors for a wide variety of unique needs of airfield operations.

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Center Point Rolling Doors

Our unique innovation provides a cost effective manually operated door system specifically designed for radius end buildings. Ideal for helicopter hangars in remote locations.
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Designed and engineered by Sprung. Ideal for short term multi use expeditionary applications. Door remains fully tensioned at all times providing greater performance and reliability even in strong wind conditions.
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Vertical Lifting Fold Up Door

Heavy duty vertical fabric doors provide maximum opening as required while providing a high level door seal.
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Telescoping Door System (TDS)

Designed and engineered by Sprung to provide a reliable conventional panel door system for large commercial and military aircraft.

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