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See how Sprung is revolutionizing construction with cutting-edge building solutions for numerous industries and applications — including retail facilities.
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Featured Retail Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to see some of the many ways Sprung structures are helping to support and optimize retail operations around the world.

Prefab commercial retail buildings

Sprung’s advanced tension fabric technology is the optimal solution for retail store buildings. For commercial property owners or retailers who require a year-round retail environment, a new Sprung structure can elevate shopping to a sophisticated experience. Best of all, Sprung’s retail store buildings can be erected quickly to meet changing demands or offer more shopping space. Get started by contacting us for a quote on new prefab commercial retail buildings.

Rapid-build retail store buildings

With Sprung, you can customize and assemble a new retail store building faster than what’s possible through conventional construction. Featuring convenient insulation packages, opportunities for theming and interior decorating, and the ability to include display windows, Sprung structures offer superior aesthetics and great leasing opportunities for both permanent and temporary retail store building applications. Quick construction timelines, limited foundation requirements and the ability to withstand extreme weather and other challenging conditions mean that our retail enclosures are suitable for any location around the world.

Choose Sprung for prefab commercial retail buildings

Many members of the retail industry have already made Sprung their retail building solution. Sprung structures have been used as retail store buildings for organizations like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco 49ers and Tulane University in New Orleans. Our retail enclosures are suitable for retail space or merchandise storage. You can choose to make your prefab commercial retail building permanent, or you can use a temporary retail enclosure to meet seasonal demands. Lease or purchase a new retail store building from Sprung today. We have retail enclosures in stock so you can get started right away.

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