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Rapid Solution

At Sprung, we know very well that the ability to facilitate rapid construction is one of our best and most compelling assets. With sales offices around the world, manufacturing and distribution centers in North America and the Middle East, and more than two million square feet of inventory, we’re able to ensure exceptionally fast delivery and timely project completion. In fact, most Sprung structures can be delivered within weeks of their initial order. Elon Musk selected Sprung as the solution of choice for the Tesla Model 3 production. Hear more:

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Sprung’s build rate is faster than conventional construction

While it can take months to design and build a pre-engineered metal or conventional construction building, the design of a Sprung structure takes mere days, and construction takes weeks. (Refer to our Comparison Matrix for more details.) This speediness means that businesses can often open ahead of schedule, expand production or reach new markets more quickly.

Minimal foundation requirements

When appropriate soil conditions exist, no foundations are required for Sprung structures up to 160 feet wide. As a result, little or no ground surface preparation is required, which means you can start building right away while saving both time and money.

Fully expandable and relocatable

The clear-span, modular design of a Sprung structure allows for quick and easy expansion or relocation. Sprung structures can be disassembled, moved or completely reconfigured, even after many years of use.

Flexible leasing and purchase options

We give our customers the choice to purchase their structure, or to lease with the option to purchase. When Sprung solutions reduce upfront capital investments, our customers benefit from significant cash flow savings.


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