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Design Flexibility

At Sprung, we take a meticulous and strategic approach to all aspects of a structure’s design, ensuring it will meet our customer’s current needs while remaining entirely adaptable to future challenges.

Unlimited creative freedom

Imagine having the freedom to design a completely open space, unhindered by structural support. Designing within the clear span of a Sprung structure gives you a blank canvas to create unique and functional spaces that not only meet your customers’ needs, but also exceed their expectations of what is truly possible.

Bright, modern and spacious, Sprung structures offer a truly distinct and versatile solution for occupants who are at work or play.

Cost efficiency

The initial costs of building with Sprung are lower than those of traditional building types. Sprung keeps more than two million square feet of inventory on-hand so that structures can be shipped immediately and built much faster than conventional buildings. Reduced delivery and construction schedules translate to real savings in time and budget.

In addition, Sprung’s patented membrane tensioning system is more airtight than other building systems. This airtight system, combined with our performance insulation, makes our structures much more energy-efficient, ensuring notable cost savings throughout the life of each structure. Read this case study for a real-life example of these energy savings.

Design without restriction

Our clear-span design allows for ample space, no matter the application. For example, a Sprung structure provides more than enough room for three hard courts and a second-level running track at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion in Saskatchewan, Canada.


“The column-free span of the Sprung structure opened up design flexibility, which allowed us to shift our focus to create inspirational, communal and spiritual spaces that cultivate worship and fellowship.”

Brian P. Akert, AIA, Associate Partner, Holland Basham Architects

Holland Basham Architects designed St. James United Methodist Church in Nebraska. Click Here for more information about the project.

Architectural membrane colors

Sprung offers a variety of fabric membranes, including Tedlar and Kynar. Our Kynar Architectural Membrane gives us the ability to match custom colors. 

Learn more about our Architectural Membranes.


Our wide variety of external membrane colors and advanced graphics packages offer impressive branding options for your clients.

Visualization Tools

Sprung offers visualization tools, including renderings, animations and videos to help conceptualize your project and present it to your clients.

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