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Military Aircraft Hangars

Get a closer look at how this Sprung hangar structure is used to store and maintain the Global Hawk for the U.S. Air Force.
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Featured Aircraft Hangar Projects

Browse through these projects to discover how Sprung structures serve as optimal hangar facilities for military operations around the world.

Tension fabric military hangars

Improve your hangar construction by choosing a tension fabric military hangar. Sprung invented a tensioned membrane structure that allows for rapid construction, total flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of any short or long-term building project, including prefab aircraft hangar buildings. Sprung tensioned fabric structures are a customizable and relocatable solution that are a perfect use-case for prefab hangers. Sprung’s military hangers can be designed to meet the exact requirements of any aircraft. No matter your need or application use, Sprung can design and build hangar buildings that will outperform the rest.

Prefab aircraft hangars engineered to outperform

Sprung structures provide significant advantages over conventionally constructed hangar buildings. You’ll save time and money with a prefab hangar. Many of our hangar buildings can be deployed from our inventory immediately. Our military hangars are engineered for performance and designed with relocatability in-mind. No matter the weather conditions, Sprung’s prefab aircraft hangars will handle what’s thrown at them, as they are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and will shed any buildup of sand or snow. Traditional hangar construction can take far too long to be worthwhile in an ever-evolving military environment. Choose Sprung for hangar building construction to get the fastest deployment available anywhere.

Rapidly deployable hangar buildings

Aside from building quick deploy military hangars, Sprung is the global leader in designing and building tensioned membrane structures that are used around the world in a wide variety of industries. With the experience of building and deploying hundreds of prefab hangar buildings all over the globe, Sprung is the obvious choice when it comes to hangar construction. Offering ample natural light, superior indoor climate control and able to withstand any and all weather conditions, Sprung’s military hangars will outperform the rest. Contact us for a quote on a rapidly built military hangars.

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