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Controlled Environment Agriculture & Greenhouses

Watch how Sprung’s Smart Greenhouses are helping to revolutionize global agriculture by optimizing growing conditions and minimizing resource usage.
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Featured Controlled Environment Agriculture & Greenhouses Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to see some of the many ways Sprung structures are helping to support and optimize greenhouse operations around the world.

All-weather greenhouse structures

Sprung is a global innovator and manufacturer of tensioned membrane structures for controlled-environment agriculture. Featuring an airtight and watertight building envelope that meets and exceeds building codes anywhere in North America, a Sprung structure provides an ideal growing environment that enables superior control of light, ventilation, temperature, humidity, nutrients and water.

Innovative greenhouse buildings

Whether you want to grow plants under natural light or within a blacked-out facility, a Sprung structure is the ideal solution for everything from commercial greenhouses to small-scale greenhouse farming. Our aluminum substructure is guaranteed for 50 years (pro rata), while our highly translucent and blackout membranes are warrantied for up to 25 years (pro rata), providing incredible longevity. Proven in strength and durability, Sprung structures are unaffected by extreme weather and capable of withstanding hurricane force winds, heavy snow loads and hail.

Greenhouse structures with natural light

A Sprung greenhouse uses a highly translucent architectural membrane, which provides an ideal growing environment with natural light diffusion. Sprung can also provide a blackout curtain system for ultimate control over the flowering stages of the most delicate plants. In addition to rapid delivery, the Sprung greenhouse has minimal foundation requirements, increasing the speed of construction and decreasing the overall cost. Plus, sprung greenhouses for sale are lightweight and compact, making for fast delivery anywhere in the world.

The benefits of Sprung’s greenhouse buildings

When it comes to controlled-environment agriculture, there are many features that make a Sprung greenhouse the industry leader. Our greenhouse system has been designed to ensure ultimate control over the environment inside the greenhouse, regardless of the elements outside. As a result, concerns about poor weather, short daylight hours and seasonal changes become non-existent. Features include an all-opaque membrane that provides total blackout when needed, as well as insulation with a double vapor barrier and reflective foil backing that retains and reflects radiant heat, adding to overall energy efficiency. The fiberglass insulation blanket positioned between the structure’s inner and outer membrane also significantly enhances the thermal envelope. The Sprung greenhouse design focuses on creating ideal growing conditions in a self-regulating microclimate where crops can thrive. Discover Sprung greenhouses for sale today.

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