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Pool Enclosures

Watch how a Sprung Performance Pool Enclosure, like this 23,400-square-foot, state-of-the art facility in Kearns, Utah, can optimize your aquatic center for year-round use.
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Featured Pool Enclosure Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to learn more about how Sprung’s pool enclosure structures are optimizing aquatic facilities across North America.

All-weather pool structures

Sprung pool structures are an ideal solution for anyone who needs year-round pool enclosures to be built quickly. With minimal foundation requirements, our pool buildings can be erected in much less time than more conventional structures. Sprung’s all-season pool enclosures feature an aluminum substructure that is specially designed to be rust- and corrosion-resistant. This important feature means pool facilities by Sprung are durable and adaptable enough to perform in nearly any climate. In addition, our innovative pool-encapsulated insulation system functions exceptionally well in high-humidity environments, while our translucent ceiling panels and large roll-up sunshine doors improve natural light, enhancing the swimming environment.

Choose Sprung for pool structures and aquatic centers

Many communities and aquatic clubs have made Sprung their first choice for year-round pool enclosures. Sprung pool buildings have been used by organizations, schools and parks such as the Phillip S. Miller Park Pool in Colorado, the Centennial Aquatic Centre in Ontario, the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Centre in Utah, the Kazakhstan Community Pool and the United States Military. From private to community pool enclosures, we have a wide range of options and sizes to meet your unique needs.

Lease or buy pool enclosures

Sprung provides an immediate and cost-effective solution for municipalities and organizations looking to invest in a year-round community pool enclosure that will perform well for many years. We have structures in stock that can be used as pool enclosures or recreational buildings, and our team will work with you to ensure the specifications and final design will accommodate your unique requirements. With advanced tension technology and insulation packages, the buildings are perfect for year-round pool enclosures. Contact your local Sprung representative for more information about our pool facility options.

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