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See how Sprung has worked with Indiginous communities across North America to build gymnasiums, ice rinks, community centers, Powwow structures, gaming facilities and more.
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Featured Indigenous Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to discover some of the many ways Sprung structures are helping to support Indigenous communities throughout North America.

Sprung for pavilion structures

First Nations across North America have chosen Sprung to help nurture the well-being of their communities through the addition of sports and recreation facilities, powwow structures, entertainment venues, gaming facilities and more. The shape of a Sprung structure is reminiscent of a traditional longhouse, a design feature that many leaders have found appealing when looking into developing new facilities for their community.

Choose Sprung for Indigenous pavilion building projects

Sprung has worked with Indigenous communities on many projects, ranging from multi-purpose recreation facilities like the one built for the Blood Tribe in Stand Off, Alberta, to casinos like the Fire Rock Casino in New Mexico and the Point Casino in Puget Sound, Washington State; to pavilion structures and teepee shelters for pow wow events, such as the ones built for Enoch Cree Nation in Edmonton, Alberta.

Sprung offers vibrant membrane colors and custom graphic designs that have proven to be a great advantage for Indigenous building projects. For the Enoch Cree Nation powwow structures, Sprung was able to use the tribal colors of white and Salem blue to customize a special pavilion building, designed to resemble a large teepee. Using earth anchoring, the Enoch Cree Nation was able to experience a unique powwow, celebrating on the grass while staying protected from the elements.

Benefits of choosing Sprung for pavilion and powwow structures

Sprung fabric structures can be erected very quickly, transforming any location into a functional event space. They serve as ideal pavilion structures, teepee buildings and multi-purpose spaces for events, storage or community gatherings. When first entering a Sprung structure, most people are immediately struck by how spacious it feels. We achieve this with state-of-the-art design and engineering techniques that result in a huge open area that can be customized for a wide variety of uses, including pavilion structures.

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