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See how Sprung is revolutionizing construction with cutting-edge building solutions for numerous industries and applications — including eye-catching museums.
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Featured Museums Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to see some of the many ways Sprung structures are helping to support the exhibition and event-space needs of museums around the world.

Choose Sprung for museum structures

As museums continuously adapt to the evolving expectations of their visitors, Sprung’s cost-effective and quickly constructed buildings offer an ideal solution for meeting immediate and long-term space requirements. Providing versatile and efficient spaces for learning, exploration and interaction, our high-performance, precision-engineered structures can be erected in a matter of weeks. They also offer superior control over indoor climate and ensure resilience even in the most challenging weather conditions. If you require additional museum space, reach out to Sprung for more details on purchasing or leasing museum structures.

Tension fabric museum buildings

Sprung’s patented tension fabric technology is highly adaptable. Whether you’re planning a new museum center or want to expand existing facilities, our structures can be designed for permanent or temporary use and are easily constructed under tight deadlines. Bright and spacious, our museum structures are built to withstand challenging weather conditions and require minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan. Whether you’re looking for a temporary exhibition space or a permanent museum building, consult our team to discover how a Sprung structure can best serve your needs.

Efficient construction of museum facilities

While we can’t predict the future, we can prepare for it, which is why our museum and exhibition facilities are designed with long-term flexibility and multi-purpose functionality in mind. Sprung structures are a seamless solution for adding new exhibition areas or interactive spaces to your museum facility. As your visitor base or educational goals evolve, our buildings can adapt accordingly. Let’s explore how Sprung can assist you in achieving the educational and engagement objectives of your museum or cultural institution.

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