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Racket Sports

Build Faster with Sprung. At Sprung, our build timelines are significantly faster than traditional construction schedules. When you choose to build with us, you’ll save time and money, and your new athletic facility will be up and running within months, not years.
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Featured Racket Sport Projects

Sprung’s racket sport buildings

Games like table tennis, squash, badminton and especially pickleball have really gone up in popularity around the world, resulting in a growing demand for racket sports buildings. Sprung’s bright and spacious fabric enclosures make for great racket sport and pickleball buildings, providing communities around the world the opportunity to get in on the action. Racket sports enclosures made by Sprung can be built in a short period of time and will stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions. Sprung-built racket sport and pickleball enclosures are already in active use.

Racket sport tent buildings

Rapid-build and affordable pickleball buildings

Among the many great examples of Sprung structures being converted into pickleball buildings and racket sports venues is the Shymkent Tennis Center. This Kazakhstani racket sports building was constructed to help boost the local community, and it has since become a big draw, hosting table tennis tournaments with competitors from multiple Asian countries. With ample open floor space and excellent climate control options, there’s no question that Sprung’s tension fabric enclosures make for ideal racket sports buildings. Pickleball and other racket sports continue to grow in popularity, so help your community expand its leisure footprint and check out Sprung’s options for creating world-class pickleball buildings.

In addition to building time- and energy-efficient racket sports buildings, Sprung is the global leader in designing and building tensioned membrane structures that are used around the world in a wide variety of industries. With experience in building and deploying hundreds of prefab structures all over the globe, Sprung is the top choice when it comes to pickleball buildings. Offering ample natural light, superior indoor climate control, and the ability to withstand any and all weather conditions, Sprung’s racket sports enclosures will meet and exceed your requirements. Contact us for a quote on a rapidly built racket sports building.

Dedicated year-round pickleball facilities

Pickleball is currently the nation’s fastest-growing sport with a documented 4.8 million players across the country. A sport that has proven its popularity for all ages, Pickleball has become a hub for communities to connect, stay active and have fun together.
Along with the rapidly expanding popularity of the sport, the demand for dedicated indoor facilities is also on the rise. In many areas, playing outdoors is not an option year-round. Imagine temperature-controlled, dedicated Pickleball facilities that provide a safe, spacious area for several courts, optional food and beverage areas, locker rooms, saunas and more.

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