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Oil and Gas

Experience how Sprung is revolutionizing the construction process with cutting-edge building solutions for numerous industries — including oil and gas.
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Featured Oil and Gas Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to learn more about the many ways Sprung structures help to support and optimize the oil and gas industry.

Tension fabric oil and gas structures

Sprung structures offer endless possibilities for oil and gas buildings with features such as energy efficient insulation packages and flexibility for temporary or semi-permanent construction. These buildings have limited foundation requirements and are made of durable materials, including aluminum and a high-performance architectural membrane. Sprung structures are virtually maintenance-free and can be used for a variety of purposes in the energy industry, such as natural gas storage facilities, gas compressor stations, on-site warehousing, gymnasiums, lunch tents and other oilfield buildings. With Sprung, your oil and gas structures are built to last.

Choose Sprung for oil and gas buildings

Sprung is an excellent choice for energy companies that need reliable and efficient structural solutions built in remote conditions within a short time period. Time is a critical factor for most oil and gas construction projects, and Sprung buildings can be built rapidly to meet tight timelines and budgets. Many project managers, procurement specialists and resource operations managers choose Sprung structures for their oil and gas buildings, including lunch tents. Companies such as LaPrairie, Marathon, and Encana trust Sprung for their oil and gas structures, including sand storage, office space, warehousing and maintenance facilities.

Fastest oil and gas buildings available

At Sprung, we take pride in our ability to construct oil and gas structures at a rapid pace. Our insulated buildings can be constructed at a rate of 1,000 square feet per day, while uninsulated buildings can be built at 2,000 square feet per day. This means that most oil and gas structures can be shipped within just three weeks. If you need an oil and gas building that can  operate on a tight timeline without sacrificing reliability, then Sprung is the solution for you. Contact us today and let us help you get started.

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