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Sprung utilizes independent consulting engineers licensed to practice in the jurisdiction, country, state or province where the structure is being erected. The Sprung structure is a pre-engineered product. Design calculations and drawings are provided for each project. The design notes and drawings are prepared, reviewed and authenticated by an independent Consulting Engineering firm.

Engineering covers the design of the Sprung structure from the ground up. Maximum base reactions are provided to facilitate the design of the foundation by the client’s design professional. For International projects, Sprung follows the recognized standards of that country and provides the required information to the client’s foundation designer following the National Standard and guidelines which are easily understood. Sprung utilizes post installed anchors, namely earth anchors/pins, screw piles, Hilti mechanical and or Hilti adhesive anchors.

Engineering uses local building codes, standards, and environmental load (wind, snow and seismic).

Sprung structures have been erected in hurricane/typhoon prone areas, such as Florida, Guam, Japan and more.

Sprung structures is designed to meet the requirements of virtually any environment.

Sprung has constructed buildings in more than 100 countries while meeting some of the world’s most stringent energy codes. Our structures have also been built in the harshest of climates, from the frigid High Arctic to the sweltering deserts of the Middle East.

Sprung structures are designed with an environmental seal, as they have no eaves, and the wall/roof sections are fully insulated. This airtight building envelope, combined with our high-performance membrane and thicker insulation, is more energy-efficient than conventional building systems. This allows us to comply with nearly every local standard. Additionally, we provide the right information to each client’s mechanical engineer, enabling them to design and apply suitable HVAC systems.

In addition, Sprung structures, which can be found in coastal regions around the world, have been tested and approved to meet the Miami/Dade Hurricane Code (read our Hurricane Report for more information).

Virgin Island
175 mph
Port Vila, Vanuatu
250 mph
175 mph
Kirkwood Mountain Resort
700 inches snowfall – 2023
Mammoth Mountain
700 inches snowfall –2023
Mammoth Mountain
700 inches snowfall –2023
Dubai World Central Airport
55C (131F)
Bagram, Afghanistan
49.9C (121.8F)
53.2C (127.7F)
Arctic Watch -40C (-40)
Sommerset Island
Kuparuk, Alaska, North Slope
-39.6C (-39.2F)
Schlumberger, Eastern Siberia
-58C (-72.4F)