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Engineering for Sprung Structures are done using the same approach no matter where in the world the structure is delivered.

Sprung utilizes independent consulting engineers licensed to practice in the jurisdiction, country, state or province where the structure is being erected. The Sprung structure is a pre-engineered product. Design calculations and drawings are provided for each project. The design notes and drawings are prepared, reviewed and authenticated by an independent Consulting Engineering firm.

Engineering covers the design of the Sprung structure from the ground up. Maximum base reactions are provided to facilitate the design of the foundation by the client’s design professional. For International projects, Sprung follows the recognized standards of that country and provides the required information to the client’s foundation designer following the National Standard and guidelines which are easily understood.

Engineering is done using the appropriate loading and design standards for the jurisdiction that the structure is being installed. If a client requests a different set of standards be used, Sprung will proceed after they have ensured that the structure meets the requirements of the jurisdiction.

Sprung Structures are located in coastal regions around the world, including those of Florida, Louisiana and Texas. Many of these structures have been subjected to hurricanes, Click Here for Hurricane Report. Sprung Structures have been tested and approved to meet the requirements of the Miami/Dade Hurricane NOA product approval.


In summary, Sprung Structures can be designed to meet the requirements of virtually any environment.

  • Extreme Wind – Our structures located in Guam are designed to meet wind speeds of 180 mph.
  • Extreme Snow – Our structures, in the High Sierra Mountains, are located in a region with a design snow load of 450 psf.
  • Extreme Heat – Hundreds of structures located throughout the Middle East and in other desert regions of the world.
  • Extreme Cold – Dozens of structures located throughout the Canadian Arctic and remote regions of Russia.