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Pricing & Leasing

At Sprung, were pleased to provide our clients with a range of ways to buy or lease their structures, including rental programs that extend to 36 months.

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We are pleased to provide our clients a range of options, including rental programs that extend to 36 months.

Our structures’ pricing is variable and depends on several factors, such as local wind, snow and seismic loads, anchorage, clear-span width and length, and accessories. Providing prices without considering some of these factors would be misleading to our customers.

We invite you to request a formal quotation. Our salesforce is strategically located worldwide in 10 offices and three factories to provide you with a prompt and precise response.

With over 135 years of global innovation experience, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way. Contact us today.


Many customers who are unfamiliar with tensioned membrane structures ask us, “What am I giving up by using this type of solution versus other types of buildings?”

To reassure you, here is what Brent Devost, the founder of Edge School in Calgary, said about the two Sprung structures purchased for the school’s hockey arenas and gymnasium:

“Sprung has the answer. I think it’s the wave of the future because you’re only gaining, you’re not giving anything up. You get it built quicker. The way I looked at it as we were developing the project was, if we can have a facility that will allow us to develop students at a very high level, and have it [built] within a quicker timeframe at a very reasonable cost compared to other alternatives, then it’s a home run. It’s exciting for me to see people’s reactions to what Sprung has been able to do out here with us. It’s pretty incredible.”


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