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Public Works

See why numerous municipalities choose Sprung’s versatile and reliable structures for their public works buildings, from salt and sand storage to maintenance shelters.
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Featured Public Works Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to learn more about the many ways Sprung structures help to support and optimize public works initiatives.

Salt Storage domes, maintenance shelters and more

Municipalities and transportation departments choose Sprung for many of their public works projects, such as salt storage buildings and maintenance shelters. Tensioned membrane structures are an extremely cost-effective building solution that can be constructed in a shorter amount of time than a traditional building. These structures are perfect for salt and sand storage, maintenance shelter facilities and many other uses. Sprung offers bright and energy-efficient clear-span public works buildings that maximize the use of natural daylight. Plus, our non-corroding aluminum substructure is guaranteed to last at least 50 years.

Choose Sprung for public works maintenance facilities

Sprung’s tension fabric structures are the top choice for maintenance shelter facilities all over the world and have become a popular building solution for public administrators such as purchasing agents, bureaucrats and transportation officials. Our structures have been used as sustainable salt storage and sand storage facilities in Nevada and Chicago, as well as vehicle maintenance shelter facilities in South Jordan, Utah. Our structures have also been used as emergency fire rescue facilities in Atlanta, and for a variety of public works buildings in Broomfield, Colorado.

Get a quote on Sprung’s public works facilities

Sprung structures offer attractive leasing rates and optional insulation packages, and are easily relocatable and customizable for any public works project needs. Our public works buildings have minimal foundation requirements, which makes them suitable for both temporary and permanent use. With a range of buildings in stock, it’s easy to rapidly build salt storage domes, sand storage structures, maintenance shelter facilities and more. Our team can help you choose the best size and features for your public works buildings. Contact a Sprung representative today to get started.

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