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Comparison Matrix

At a time that requires the reimagining of the construction industry around the world, the demand for a faster, more flexible, cost-effective building solution that can adapt to changing needs and emerging markets is more important than ever before.

Our at-a-glance comparison matrix demonstrates the different ways Sprung tensioned membrane structures outperform and outlast pre-engineered metal and conventional construction buildings.

How does a Sprung structure compare?


Sprung Structures

Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Conventional Construction


Sprung structures are typically delivered 4-6 weeks for a standard structure

12 plus months

12 plus months


Compact shipping: Sprung structures up to 15,000 square feet. can be shipped in one 40-foot ISO container or on one 48-foot flatbed

6,000 sq.ft. per load



If appropriate soil conditions exist, concrete foundations are not required on Sprung structures up to 160′ wide

Yes – no exceptions

Yes – no exceptions

Construction time on building envelope

500 to 2000 sq.ft. per day, depending on options, complete with finished interior for a Sprung structure

After foundation is in place, a pre-engineered metal building can be constructed at a rate of 2,000 sq. ft. per week.

12-18 months for conventional construction

Overall fast-track construction timeline. Groundbreaking to completion.

1-6 months for a Sprung structure

12-18 months for a pre-engineered metal building

18-24 months conventional construction

Maintenance schedule

A Sprung structure has a rust-free aluminum substructure. Sprung’s patented tensioning system does not require any retensioning of membrane panels for the life of the structure.

A standing seam metal roof is prone to large thermal movements. This causes leaks and requires continuous maintenance, especially at penetrations.

Regular maintenance is required.


Adding additional modules to a Sprung structure is easy

Renovation required

Renovation required

Exterior color options

Sprung structures offers unlimited color options



Flexibility to relocate




Daylight panels

Standard feature: daylight panels in peak of a Sprung structure provide an optimum amount of natural daylight

Significant extra cost

Significant extra cost

Airtight building  Envelope Efficiency

Air permeability is almost 0 in a Sprung structure, resulting in superior energy performance.

Poor air-tightness

Moderate air-tightness


Excellent acoustical properties with our comprehensive insulation package and “soft wall” interior membrane

Significant additional costs associated with acoustic treatments needed to make a metal building acceptable for any application where acoustics are a concern (gymnasiums, public assembly, churches, casinos, offices etc.

Limited performance


Indefinite lifespan simply by replacing exterior membrane on a Sprung structure every 20-30 years depending on membrane selection

15-50 depending on quality level

Replace roof every 25+ years

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