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Environmental Stewardship by Design

Environmental stewardship is all about ensuring the responsible planning and management of resources. As a family company with a multi-generational history, we aren’t focused only on finding solutions to meet today’s challenges—we’re also focused on finding solutions that will improve the lives of every generation to come.

We’re Helping the Environment by Making Ecologically Smart Choices

  • A Sprung structure is naturally eco-friendly. Sure, it can be relocated and reused several times, but that’s just part of the story…
  • Sprung is committed to building structures that yield next to no construction or landfill waste.
  • Our building components—from our clear span fabric membrane to glazing walls, windows and daylight panels—maximize the use of natural sunlight.
  • Our performance insulation and airtight qualities of our tensioned membrane maximize energy savings.
  • Our commitment to reducing/reusing/recycling, our manufacturing processes, and our adherence to international environmental and quality standards all contribute to a smaller global footprint.
  • In choosing to build with Sprung, you are choosing to build a structure that will help support your efforts to obtain LEED® certification.

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