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Environmental Stewardship

An Eco-Friendly Building by Design

Environmental stewardship is all about ensuring the responsible planning and management of resources. As a family company with a multi-generational history, we aren’t just focused on finding energy-efficient building solutions to meet today’s challenges—we’re also focused on improving the lives of every generation to come. Our eco-friendly structures are the perfect way to do just that.

We’re Helping the Environment by Making Ecologically Smart Choices

  • Sprung buildings are eco-friendly naturally. Sure, they can be relocated and reused several times, but that’s just part of the story.
  • Sprung is committed to building structures that yield next to no construction or landfill waste.
  • Our building components—from our clear-span fabric membrane to glazing walls, windows and daylight panels—maximize the use of natural light.
  • Our performance insulation and airtight tensioned membrane maximize energy savings.
  • Our commitment to reducing/reusing/recycling, our manufacturing processes, and our adherence to international environmental and quality standards all contribute to a smaller global footprint.
  • In choosing to build with Sprung, you are building a structure that will help support your efforts to obtain LEED® certification.

Get A Sprung Eco-Friendly Structure

Sprung produces one of the most eco-friendly building solutions on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a high-tech LEED-certified building, or a simple eco-friendly shelter, Sprung delivers quality energy-efficient building solutions that match your unique needs. Since 1887, Sprung has been proud to provide all our clients with eco-friendly structures that meet their environmental stewardship goals.

Sprung Helps Meet LEED-Certified Building Requirements

At Sprung, we care about the environment and our future. As a family-owned company, we believe our children’s future is in our collective hands. Our part begins with durable, high-quality and lasting eco-friendly structures that meet LEED-certified building requirements. We’re constantly striving to improve our energy-efficient building solutions not only to help serve our clients and their objectives better, but also improve the planet for our children.