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Fire Halls

At the heart of Salt Lake City’s Fire Department operations stands a 19,000-square-foot Sprung structure that serves as a central hub for equipment maintenance, storage and dispatch for 19 fire stations spread across the city.
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Featured Fire Hall Projects

Browse through this selection of projects to learn more about the many ways Sprung structures help to support and optimize firefighting operations around the world.

Tension fabric fire station buildings

Sprung specializes in building permanent or temporary fire station buildings that fit your specific needs. Our tensioned fabric structures are the perfect solution for a new firehall or fire station center, including maintenance or storage buildings. Sprung’s firehalls can be quickly designed, delivered and installed, and are available for short- or long-term lease with the option to buy. Our prefabricated fire stations are manufactured using our patented fabric membrane technology, making them adaptable to the needs of modern fire halls of any size. From permanent fire halls to temporary fire stations, Sprung is equipped to help. Contact us today for a quote on a tension fabric fire hall.

Rapid construction for permanent or temporary fire stations

Sprung’s permanent or temporary fire stations can be constructed with minimal foundation requirements, making them suitable for almost any location with little surface preparation. Our fire halls offer unmatched flexibility, serving as permanent facilities that can be relocated or repurposed for multiple applications to adapt to the changing needs of a growing municipality. Our cargo door options and a durable architectural membrane ensure long-term flexibility and reliability for your fire station building. Plus, our energy-efficient structures are suitable for all climates, making them a top choice for fire hall construction worldwide.

Choose Sprung for fire station buildings

Sprung is trusted by communities of all sizes and needs to provide quick and cost-effective building solutions for fire hall stations and other emergency facilities. For example, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport used Sprung as an interim solution during a renovation, and the short-term solution ended up becoming a permanent structure. The City of San Diego also opted for several Sprung temporary fire halls during a series of renovations. Our buildings can be customized for a range of uses, from vehicle storage to spaces for the team. Contact us to learn more about buying or leasing our prefabricated firehalls.

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