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Performance & Durability

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Through invention, design and continued innovation, Sprung structures excel when it comes to performance, durability, strength and sustainability. 

We build it right the first time

 Sprung’s substructures are made of aluminum, which is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, superior malleability and excellent corrosion resistance. And our sophisticated tension system is built using individual 15-foot (4.5-meter) membrane panels that are tensioned both vertically and horizontally, which means that, throughout its lifespan, there will never be a need for you to re-tension your Sprung structure. 

 At Sprung, we work hard to make sure all of our durable buildings are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards—and we don’t stop there. A Sprung technical consultant is on-site to monitor the assembly process of every one of our projects, ensuring our top-quality standards are never compromised.  

Extraordinary all-weather durability

Sprung’s durable structures are designed to provide maximum comfort, no matter the environment. Customers wanting to add insulation will be provided a high-strength, ripstop interior membrane that provides a complete finished interior, with no need to add additional drywall or buildout.

In addition, Sprung’s robust tension system is built to endure extreme conditions, from frozen ice fields to active war zones. Check out just some examples below:

  • Extreme cold: Arctic Watch, the world’s most northerly lodge, is located 80 miles south of the Magnetic North Pole. 
  • Extreme wind: The Missile Defense System integrated architecture at Fluor Alaska Inc., located in Shemya, Alaska, is engineered to withstand wind loads of 120 miles per hour. Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa in Vanuatu was used as a storm shelter on March 13, 2015, during Cyclone Pam, a category 5 cyclone. 
  • Extreme snowfall: The Kirkwood Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, California, has set a world record for snowfall in a single week at 9.7 feet in February 2011. 
  • Extreme heat: Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld addressed troops in front of a Sprung structure in the Kuwait desert. 

Energy efficiency

The fiberglass insulation system in Sprung fabric structures outperforms other types of construction, resulting in less environmental impact and lower operating costs.

Additionally, there is virtually no air leakage, thanks to our durable structures’ unique design and performance insulation.

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