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Lower Overall Costs

Sprung structures are engineered not only to lower the overall construction costs of your project, but also to reduce your organization’s everyday operating and maintenance expenses.

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Less time, save money

Choosing a Sprung structure means choosing a faster, less expensive building process. Often, conventional construction projects can be very costly, with budget overruns and delivery delays that subsequently lead to business losses. But at Sprung, speed of delivery and rapid construction are our strongest attributes, thanks to our extensive global resources.

Sprung structures also save money in the long-term. The superior airtightness of our building envelope increases the efficiency of the insulation and lowers HVAC and other operating costs, and our rust-free aluminum substructure provides an almost indefinite lifespan. Plus, Sprung structures can be increased in size, reconfigured or relocated, eliminating the need to build again from scratch and adapting easily to the evolving needs of organizations in a variety of market sectors.

Financial options to fit every project

At Sprung, we offer our customers the choice to purchase, lease, or lease with the option to purchase our structures. These flexible payment options can reduce upfront costs and capital investments, providing you with a significant cash flow advantage.

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The Sprung guarantee

All of our structures include a pro-rata guarantee of 50 years on the aluminum substructure and up to 25 years on the architectural membrane.
Unlike online distributors, Sprung manufactures and delivers our own products. We have manufacturing and distribution centers across North America and the Middle East, with offices around the world.

Our team is here to help you plan, customize and budget for a faster and better way to build.

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