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Performance Insulation

Sprung tensioned membrane structures are engineered to provide naturally better climate control with optimal heating and cooling efficiency. This virtually airtight system, combined with a fully lofted layer of fiberglass blanket insulation and tensioned interior membrane, contribute to a highly efficient building solution.

Insulation in a Sprung Structure

Why We Use Formaldehyde-Free Fiberglass Insulation

  • Healthier Structures – It’s the only formaldehyde-free fiberglass product of its kind in the world providing a healthier environment within our structures
  • Better Energy Efficiency – Our insulation has an aluminum foil backing that retains or reflects overall radiant energy, maximizing efficiency and cost savings for years to come.
  • More Sustainability – The fiberglass is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to have a minimum recycled content of 25%, comprised of 20% post-consumer bottle glass and 5% post-industrial glass

Six Reasons Insulation Performs Better in a Sprung Building

  1. Our structures use a layer of formaldehyde-free fiberglass blanket insulation, up to 9-inch thick (R-30), and performs better than the smaller thickness typically used in metal buildings and conventional constructions. Thicker insulation helps reduce climate control costs and absorb sound for better acoustics.
  2. Our highly tensioned exterior architectural membrane provides a significantly better airtight building envelope, allowing insulation to retain its maximum thickness and achieve better performance and comfort.
  3. The unique design of a Sprung structure ensures a more consistent R-value rating (the measure of thermal resistance). The continuous wall and roof channels, throughout the building provides maximum performance from grade to peak. Insulation in metal buildings is compressed throughout the structure, significantly lowering the R-value rating.
  4. When you erect a Sprung structure with insulation, it typically comes complete with our interior membrane that is more durable than drywall and offers exceptional fire-retardant capability.
  5. Our system includes a double vapor barrier including reflective foil backing that retains and reflects radiant heat, adding to overall energy efficiency.
  6. The Sprung insulation system comes with an attractive color matched exterior thermal cap and a white or black interior thermal cap that provides thermal bridging on the beam, perfecting the overall insulation design.

Other Reasons Sprung Structures Outperform

Aluminum Substructure
Performance Architectural Membrane

Customize your Sprung structure by choosing from our unique, stylish and functional selection of accessories for industrial and commercial applications.

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