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The Arena at Wolf Mountain (Canyons Ski Resort)

The Arena at Wolf Mountain  (Canyons Ski Resort)

The first owner of this 88.6′ wide x 230′ long Sprung structure was Wolf Mountain, now The Canyons Ski Resort, in Park City, Utah. Originally erected in 1994 and relocated in 1997, this non-insulated tensioned fabric membrane structure was used as an entertainment facility and recreation complex that housed concerts, large public events and a roller hockey rink.

This 20,000-square-foot mountain-top concert facility had the capacity to hold more than 3,000 people at one time and provided a year-round source of revenue to the large Utah ski resort. At other times throughout the year, the facility was used for roller hockey and other indoor sports and recreation applications.

Given Utah’s high wind and heavy snow-load conditions, the Sprung structure was an ideal solution for Wolf Mountain — Sprung’s highly specialized architectural fabric membrane is engineered to withstand high wind loads and shed snow as a result of its uniquely sloped design.

With an average snowfall of 300–350 inches, the Sprung structure provided the only viable solution for a facility that could be relocated in the future and utilized for other purposes. During construction for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, the Sprung structure was moved to make room for new infrastructure necessary for the resort to host the Olympic Winter Games events.

With over a century of experience, Sprung delivers the most reliable and technically advanced permanent structures in the world. Because of its limited foundation requirements, The Arena at Wolf Mountain was able to be relocated, and the Sprung structure is now in the possession of its third owner, the Jordan School District, which demonstrates the versatility and the long-term value of a Sprung structure.


“All three owners were thrilled that the structure was able to be relocated and be altered to meet each client’s needs. The fact that the facility did not need to be demolished and hauled away to a landfill was also an advantage as the clients included a Ski Resort, a Public Works Division, and now a School District. This benefit is especially important with the ongoing and increasing pressure for all governments, agencies and local businesses to use environmentally responsible products that provide long term value and not impact the environment negatively.”