Sprung structures make the perfect clear span facility for any office or administration space that needs to be delivered fast. With ultra fast construction timelines, convenient leasing options, easy relocation, comfortable interior environments, and a wide selection of windows and natural lighting features, Sprung provides long-term value and versatility to fit any commercial building design.

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Sprung Commercial Buildings - modular construction

Retail and Commercial Buildings

Sprung is perfect for retail businesses that need a reliable, modern, and innovative commercial fabric building solution but don’t want it to look like a typical commercial building. With innovative designs, lower energy costs, translucent skylights, and window packages, Sprung can provide your customers with a bright, comfortable and spacious shopping experience.

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Sprung Commercial Buildings - temporary structures


Sprung commercial fabric buildings are the go-to solution for the film industry, which often requires complete flexibility and timely project completion. Sprung offers clear-span facilities that perform better than commercial tents but are still erected quickly and efficiently, can be easily re-located and re-purposed, have flexible leasing options, and come in virtually any shape or size.

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Sprung Fabric Buildings - film and movie

Why Sprung for Commercial Buildings Design

  1. Immediate Shipping – You can get commercial tents or buildings delivered from inventory within weeks.
  2. Rapid Construction – Build a clear-span facility faster than conventional methods – all with reduced costs compared to traditional construction.
  3. Customizable – Match your facilities to your commercial building design.
  4. Relocatable – Our commercial building plans are designed to allow relocation, reconfiguration, expansion, or disassembly.
  5. Clear Span Buildings – Build a clear span facility with integrated daylight panels and glazing walls for a bright and welcoming space.
  6. All-weather Durability – Sprung’s commercial buildings are engineered for extreme climates and proven to withstand severe weather events. Erect your commercial tent or facility on existing concrete, asphalt or earth.
  7. Lease Or Purchase – Purchase or lease your commercial building from Sprung.