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Advanced community tents and structures

Rapidly constructed and truly versatile, Sprung structures are high-performance building systems designed to meet strict budgets and even stricter timelines. Our durable tensioned fabric buildings are used by church congregations, educational facilities and even homeless shelters. Sprung’s structures are made using patented tension fabric technology and are suitable for a wide range of climates and weather conditions. Governments, organizations and groups around the world trust Sprung for their multi-purpose centers and community tents.

Sprung provides versatile multi-purpose centers

Suitable for a wide range of multi-purpose centers, Sprung’s affordable and easily installed structures are a perfect a solution for organizations that need to build quickly. With the ability to be moved or relocated if necessary, Sprung tension fabric structures are the most sustainable buildings available on the market today. They are also bright and airy, and can be customized for a range of usages, from event space to storage. Many communities choose our structures for their multi-purpose buildings because of their reliability, ease of construction and adaptability.

Tension fabric structures for community center buildings

Sprung structures are reliable buildings that satisfy the tightest deadlines. The advanced tension fabric technology provides design flexibility while ensuring durability in all weather conditions and climates. Sprung’s multi-purpose centers can be designed in days and built in weeks, and they can be constructed in a range of locations. Many communities choose to customize their multi-purpose centers for recreation, education or storage, making Sprung the optimal choice for a wide range of community center buildings. Contact us to see what’s in stock and get a quote to lease or buy multi-purpose centers or community tents.