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Industrial Fabric Structures

Sprung provides superior buildings for the oil and gas, mining, warehousing, construction, environmental, power/energy, and manufacturing industries. Our adaptable industrial fabric structures serve as permanent or temporary buildings for storage, industrial, or construction projects.

The Sprung Advantage for temporary buildings and industrial fabric structures

Sprung’s versatile industrial fabric structures provide permanent and temporary building solutions that exceed the needs of most applications. Our temporary buildings are more dependable and durable than typical industrial tents. They are assembled quickly and efficiently, and they perform reliably in some of the most rugged environments on the planet. Sprung’s industrial temporary facilities are precision-engineered for any demanding construction project. Our portable, modular temporary buildings can be assembled and disassembled quickly for maximum versatility and minimal downtime. An innovative option compared to conventional construction or temporary tents, Sprung structures provide cost-effective, all-weather protection from the elements.

More versatile and adaptable than conventional industrial tents

Sprung structures may look like temporary tents, but they’re engineered for permanence and performance. Designed to provide a bright, spacious interior, our industrial fabric structures can be shipped immediately from inventory and are assembled in half the time of conventional buildings. Our temporary buildings are ideal for warehousing facilities, and for environmental projects requiring fast, efficient, and relocatable modular structures that can handle extreme weather and are non-destructive to ecosystems. Additionally, Sprung’s temporary structures are engineered to withstand the harshest of climates and are well-adapted to meeting the needs of the oil and gas industries.

Temporary buildings for any occasion

Sprung’s temporary facilities are a proven solution for many mining and manufacturing applications. Since projects within these industries often require quick, relocatable facilities in remote locations around the world, Sprung structures are specifically designed to meet any and all weather challenges. Likewise, Sprung’s temporary industrial buildings are engineered for ease of movement, catering to specific manufacturing challenges. Even in relatively short-term applications, a Sprung structure far exceeds the performance of a temporary tent. Sprung’s temporary buildings help reduce energy costs, require limited foundations, and are built quickly—at a rate of 1,000 square feet per day.