Industrial Fabric Buildings

Industrial Operations Worldwide Depend on the Sprung Advantage

Sprung’s versatile industrial fabric structures provide permanent and temporary building solutions that exceed the needs of most applications.


Sprung structures are precision-engineered for any construction application. Our fast, durable and relocatable temporary buildings are assembled and disassembled quickly for maximum versatility and minimal downtime. An innovative option to traditional industrial tents, Sprung provides cost-effective, all-weather protection from the elements.

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Sprung Industrial Tensile Buildings modular construction


Sprung structures offer immediate permanent or temporary structures from inventory, to meet any warehousing facility needs. Sprung industrial fabric buildings can be assembled in less than half the amount of time of conventional construction and are designed to provide for a bright, energy-efficient and spacious interior—which makes an ideal warehouse space.

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Sprung Industrial Buildings warehousing - tensile structures


Sprung buildings are perfect for environmental applications that require fast, efficient, and relocatable buildings that can handle extreme weather and are non-destructive to eco-systems. Adhering to international standards and Green technologies, Sprung is committed to minimizing our global footprint.

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Sprung Industrial Buildings environmental cleanup - portable building

Oil & Gas

Sprung structures are engineered to withstand the harshest of climates and are well adapted to meeting the needs of the oil & gas industry. A flexible, cost-effective temporary facilities solution for any project, Sprung provides many options – including industrial tents or permanent industrial structures – all with a life expectancy of around 30 years.

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Sprung Industrial Buildings Oil and Gas Buildings


Sprung structures are a proven solution for many mining applications. With projects typically requiring quick, re-locatable facilities in remote locations around the world, Sprung is specifically designed to meet these challenges. Designed for extreme weather conditions, our industrial fabric structures can be delivered, built, and even crane-lifted into place in extremely challenging conditions.

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Sprung Industrial Buildings mining


Sprung structures are the solution of choice for the Power and Energy sectors. With projects typically in need of durable, long-lasting, relocatable building options, our industrial fabric buildings are perfectly suited. Sprung designs are available in widths of 30–200 feet, in any length, are quickly constructed, require a limited foundation in most cases, and can be leased with option to purchase.

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Sprung Industrial Buildings - Fabric structures


Sprung’s heavy-duty industrial tent structures are the perfect solution for many applications in the manufacturing industry. With a flexibly designed structure engineered for ease of movement, our building options cater to specific manufacturing challenges. Even in relatively short-term applications, Sprung structures help reduce energy costs, require a limited foundation, and are built quickly – at a rate of 1,000 square feet per day.

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Sprung Industrial Modular Buildings Manufacturing