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Rapidly deployable army facilities

Sprung designs and constructs advanced tensioned fabric structures for various types of military facilities and army shelters. These military shelters are rapidly deployable structures that can be built in just a matter of weeks. They’re not only cost-effective, but also highly durable and designed to withstand extreme weather events, including hurricanes, blizzards, and desert sandstorms. Whether you’re in need of military base facilities or Air Force facilities, Sprung’s rapidly deployable structures are the perfect solution.

From portable military shelters to military base facilities

Sprung’s military facilities are used worldwide. Our tensioned fabric military shelters are an advanced alternative to traditional military shelters because they provide superior interior comfort with a highly energy-efficient insulation package and airtight building envelope. With customizable accessories such as natural lighting, large hangar doors, cargo doors and personnel doors, Sprung’s structures allow for maximum space and efficiency in modern army barracks, marine corps barracks and air force facilities. Plus, setting up our rapidly deployable structures is quick and easy, requiring minimal time and manpower.

Choose Sprung for deployable military shelters

Military facilities used around the world

Military organizations around the world rely on Sprung as their primary supplier of deployable structures and permanent military facilities. Our dining facilities and military shelters have been deployed to bases such as Fort Hood and Fort Bliss in Texas, while our on-site warehousing for AECOM hangar complexes in Afghanistan and our vehicle maintenance structures for the US Military MRAP Program in Iraq have been essential to Middle East military operations. Our military structures can be used for various functions and applications, from army barracks to Air Force facilities. With a proven track record of success, our tensioned fabric military facilities are the perfect solution for military organizations in need of a reliable, deployable structure.

Dependable deployable structures

Our military shelters are built with rust-free extruded aluminum and a durable architectural membrane, making them ideal for quick and easy delivery and assembly in remote locations. These deployable structures are designed to be permanent, but can also be relocated and adapted to meet the changing needs of a mission. Sprung offers military facilities that can be leased for periods ranging from one month to five years. Contact your Sprung representative to learn more about our options for military facilities.