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North Carolina A and T State University Aggie Dome

North Carolina A and T State University Aggie Dome


  • North Carolina A&T State University


  • North Carolina A&T State University is located in the middle of Greensboro, North Carolina. When their existing student union building became obsolete and needed to be demolished and re-built, it became evident that they needed an interim dining space to serve their students.


  • 90′ wide by 114′ long Sprung Structure. Working with their food service supplier, Sodexo, the university decided to team with Sprung and Kitchens-To-Go (KTG) to provide a high quality temporary dining facility for three years. The 90’ wide x 114’ long Sprung Structure connects to KTG kitchen units in the flat end provides a Pizza Hut, Chick-Fil-A, Aggie Wings and Mein Bowl along with seating for approximately 225 students. The facility also houses an office for their dining card operation and a small convenience store.


  • The “wow” factor of the Sprung structure combined with daylight panels in the peak enhance the overall dining experience. The dining facility was constructed within a few short months and has made a positive impact on campus.

This Sprung Structure Features

  • Daylight panels in the peak provide natural daylight.
  • High performance fiberglass blanket insulation system.
  • Dupont Tedlar Desert Sand Upper, Kynar Brownstone Red Wainscot.
  • 3 x Double glass doors.
  • 1 x oversized double personnel door.
  • 1 x single personnel door.


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