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Larry H. Miller Dealership Remodel

Larry H. Miller Dealership Remodel

3- 40′ x 120′ Sprung structure showrooms
3- 50′ x 80′   Sprung structure service centers

In October 2012, the Larry H. Miller Group (LHMG) determined that renovating three of its Peoria, Arizona, dealerships was necessary to remain competitive in the Phoenix market. They embarked on an eight-month-long project that included a complete re-facing of two buildings and a demolishing and rebuilding of the third.

The goal of the project was to update showrooms and increase brand uniformity in an effort to drive sales and earn higher grosses.

LHMG was extremely concerned with how the remodel would affect their bottom line: customer draw, unit sales and CSI scores. In a strategic move, they opted to use Sprung structures, as opposed to trailers, as temporary spaces of operation during the renovation. Having seen Sprung at work for hospitality companies such as Starwood Hotels and Marriott, LHMG knew the structures had something of value to offer their customers and, in turn, their bottom line.

Sprung structures are fully-customizable, energy-efficient constructions that boast high ceilings, large windows, spacious reception areas and private office space. The unique, eyecatching exterior generates excitement, and a company’s logo can be printed directly on the surface. Sprung structures provide an attractive in house leasing program from one month to five years.

Each 40′ x 120′ LHMG Sprung structure showroom was designed to include:

  • A large reception area
  • Eight sales desks
  • Six finance offices
  • Spacious desk manager office for 3 to 5 people
  • Fleet, internet sales phone room 12 – 18 seats

In addition, the Sprung structure allowed LHMG to maintain key franchise décor and atmosphere—including customized wall color, plush carpeting, and a reception area complete with comfortable seating, a big-screen TV, vending machines and a popcorn maker. The entire dealer remodel project will be completed over an eight month period.


Larry Miller Dodge “I’ve done remodels before,” said Chris Ross, General Sales Manager at Larry Miller Dodge. “These showrooms are much more professional than before. I like the advertising that comes from the graphics on the buildings, and having the 60-foot glass wall? It’s a must.”