Sprung for Permanent and Temporary Sports Buildings

Sprung’s tension fabric structures are the optimal solution for fitness and recreational sports centres, including gymnasiums, pool enclosures and more. With flexible designs and all-weather engineering, the recreational buildings are suitable for permanent sports facilities or can be erected for temporary sports structures. For recreation structures up to 160 feet, no permanent foundation is necessary and the building can be placed on just a parking lot.

Arenas & Ice Recreation Structures

Sprung structures offer an immediate, cost-effective solution for ice arenas or other recreational sports centers. Sprung’s tall interior peak height provides superior space and illumination for an optimal playing environment, and a premium fiberglass insulation system provides unsurpassed energy efficiency.

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Sprung Sports Buildings - fabric building ice rink

Gymnasiums & Recreational Buildings

Sprung structures are a great solution for any gymnasium or fitness center building as they provide an affordable large, versatile and energy-efficient facility. Thanks to a sophisticated interior liner and clear-span interior design, Sprung structures provide ideal illumination and a safe, enjoyable playing environment in an airy recreation structure.

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Sprung Sports Buildings - community center


Sprung structures offer an immediate, relocatable solution for golf facilities as they require minimal foundation requirements and can be ordered directly from inventory. Designed for year-round use, Sprung’s large clear-span interior space combines well with optional glazing walls and insulation packages to provide the ultimate golf recreational building for durability, flexibility and design appeal.

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Sprung Sports Fabric Buildings - banquet facility

Pool Enclosures

Sprung offers year-round pool enclosures with an aluminum substructure that’s specially designed to be rust and corrosion-resistant. Our innovative pool-encapsulated insulation system functions exceptionally well in high-humidity environments, while our translucent ceiling panels, improve natural light, enhancing the swimming environment.

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Sprung Sports Buildings - modular buildings

Pickleball Facilities

Pickleball Imagine temperature-controlled dedicated Pickleball facilities that provide a safe, spacious area for several courts, optional food and beverage area, locker rooms, saunas, and more!

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Ski & Winter Recreation Structures

Sprung’s durable, energy-efficient designs offer an ideal solution for ski hills needing reliable, relocatable structures in a short amount of time. Engineered for extreme climates and designed to shed snow, Sprung’s substructure allows for construction on even the most challenging sites, or in tough weather conditions. Ideal for day lodges, rental shop expansions, snow machine facilities, and on-hill demo centers, Sprung offers the perfect winter recreation structures for all your hill’s needs.

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Sprung Sports Buildings