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The Canyons “clouddine”

The Canyons “clouddine”

Dream Peak Mountain Dining Facility

The Canyons is Utah’s largest single ski and snowboard resort with 4,000 skiable acres which includes 176 ski runs. In 2010/11 an additional 300 acres and 10 runs were added to the southern end of the resort. With this addition, there was a need to offer skiers a dining area in this southern most area of the resort. The logical area was a mountain called Dream Peak. The peak sits at an elevation of 9,300 feet and has a ground snow load of 284 psf. The Canyon’s architect wanted to have as much glass as possible, to take advantage of the views.

This 40′ wide x 90′ long structure has 50 feet of 8′ high glazing walls and six large 63″ x 85″ windows which allows spectacular views of the surrounding areas. This project had an extremely short time window, which we were able to facilitate. The structure was manufactured and shipped within two weeks from the receipt of order. Due to weather issues, the actual delivery was postponed until November 15th. In the months of November and December at 9,300 feet numerous challenges can occur including major snowfall, avalanche control, and sub zero temperatures. The project was completed on schedule and the grand opening of the Cloud Dine Restaurant at Dream Peak was held Friday, January 14th 2011.

This is the second Sprung structure The Canyons is utilizing. In 2000 a 40′ wide x 60′ long structure was constructed as a day lodge expansion.