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Collingwood Centennial Aquatic Centre

Collingwood Centennial Aquatic Centre

The outdoor pool in Collingwood Ontario was built in 1967, and in 2013, was enclosed with a new high performance Sprung structure, allowing it to be used year-round. An additional accessible warm-water therapeutic pool was also added to enhance the facility. The pool is 25m long by 12m wide, with a water capacity of 540,000 litres. The Aquatic Centre is located in Heritage Park at the corner of Third and Spruce Street. (451 Third Street). It is operated by the Town of Collingwood Parks, Recreation and Culture Department.

A 90’ wide x 210’ long Sprung structure was erected in a 6 month timeframe and features a specially designed pool insulation system that performs extremely well in high humidity environments, while translucent daylight panels and sunshine doors add natural daylight to enhance the swimming experience. Features of the new facility include:

  • New accessible warm-water pool
  • Viewing room that overlooks both pools
  • On-Site Cafeterias
  • Interior spectator seating for 250 people
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Family change room
  • Daylighting roof panels to maximize natural light
  • Four insulated doors to allow for an open environment in favorable weather
  • HVAC system throughout the facility


“Sprung Structures were a great solution: a unique, patented, energy-efficient, ready to use structure to house our outdoor pool, allowing us to turn it into a four-season aquatic facility. We were also able to include a warm-water pool to replace a previous one that had been decommissioned.”

“Day-lighting roof panels to maximize natural light and eight insulated doors to allow for an open environment in favorable weather ensure the building is energy efficient. The positive aspects of an outdoor pool will not be lost. Our users have told us they are thrilled at the fact that they can continue their aquatic fitness programs throughout the winter! The Sprung Company has provided Collingwood with a showcase, state-of-the-art facility, which is the envy of many communities.”