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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Sprung Structures – Greenhouse

Sprung Structures

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By utilizing innovative materials and design, the Sprung team wanted to create a structure that not only meets the highest standards of quality and durability, but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices. The team wanted a structure where a variety of food could be grown throughout the year, both for Sprung employees and for local restaurants in southern Alberta, Canada.


Built in 2016, Sprung’s on-site greenhouse is 4,200 square feet and features a highly translucent membrane that provides diffused lighting for optimal growing conditions. Organic vegetables are grown year-round within the structure, where minimal air loss combines with solar gain and passive solar technologies to dramatically reduce energy costs.

For customers seeking an alternative solution to conventional greenhouses, ARK offers comprehensive growing solutions utilizing hydroponics and aquaponics all under a Sprung Greenhouse.


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