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The Fresno Rescue Mission



  • Fresno Rescue Mission


  • The Fresno Rescue Mission in Fresno, California, is a faith-based rehabilitation clinic.
    After 80 years in operation, they have been forced to relocate—their campus lies in the path of California’s High-Speed Rail project. The job cited modular trailers for kitchen, cafeteria, classroom, and office spaces, but, required alternative buildings to house the chapel and sleeping quarters.


  • 60’ wide by 90’ long Sprung Structure – Chapel
  • 60’ wide by 105’ long Sprung Structure – Dormitory


  • Sprung Structures’ high ceilings, exceptional energy efficiency, and stellar sound dampening made for the right solution. Compared to conventional construction and other pre-manufactured buildings, the superior temperature control of the air-tight, energy efficient, Sprung Structures best suited Fresno’s blistering climate.
    The chapel is 60’ wide by 90’ long and seats over 100 celebrants. A non-insulated Sprung partition wall separates worship place from storage space.
    The dormitory, 60’ wide by 105’ long, is compartmentalized by a fully insulated Sprung partition wall.
    Now a barber shop, laundry room, common area and sleeping quarters comprise the 6,300 sq ft space, each in their own designated areas.
    Once the permanent replacement facility for the Fresno Rescue Mission is complete, the Rescue Mission will re-purpose the dormitory as a gymnasium.