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Los Angeles Bridge Home



  • City of Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti’s “A Bridge Home” Shelter Project


  • The City of Los Angeles faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis as their un-sheltered homeless population has increased to almost 60,000. Hepatitis A, Typhus, Typhoid Fever, Tuberculosis, and other diseases continue to plague the homeless and local populations. If continued unabated the possibility of a major outbreak would be imminent.


  • 60’ wide by 120’ long Sprung Structure
  • After learning about Sprung Structure’s vital role in assisting the Mayor of San Diego during the Hepatitis A / Homeless outbreak amongst their un-sheltered homeless, the City of Los Angeles toured San Diego’s bridge shelters. After reviewing other building alternatives, the City of LA ordered several Sprung structures that will each house 75-100 single beds with office space and day-use areas. The architects were drawn to Sprung’s aesthetics, especially the ability to add an optional glazing wall that provides much needed natural light and a brighter atmosphere inside the structure.


  • The first of several Sprung “bridge” shelters is located at 1533 Schrader Blvd in Los Angeles. The 60’ wide by 120’ long shelter was constructed on an elevated concrete foundation and is supported by restroom and shower trailer facilities. The structure houses up to 100 beds and provides security, stability and a variety services as a part of the solution to rapidly house LA’s unsheltered homeless.