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EPSA – Haul Truck Maintenance


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About The Project

EPSA is a company with more than 40 years of experience in earth-moving projects around the world. As its operations in the mining industry continued to grow in Chile, EPSA needed a structure to meet the challenging working conditions associated with being 4,200 meters above sea level at the top of the Andes mountain range. EPSA was looking at revamping operations at the Caserones project and needed a truck maintenance building that could be erected quickly and safely while also conforming to the stringent construction standards required to meet the environmental loads at the top of the Andes. Additional factors to consider when selecting the appropriate building solution included site-accessibility, high wind loads (which often exceed 115 miles per hour) and various other challenges associated with building infrastructure at a high altitude.

EPSA contacted Sprung to supply a structure measuring 30.4 m (100’) wide by 53.4 m long (175’). Our proven track record at mining locations around the world, speed of delivery and construction, lightweight aluminum substructure, and relocatable design were all contributing factors in EPSA selecting Sprung as the product of choice for this demanding application.


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