Market Sector Greenhouses

Sprung Campus On-site Greenhouse



  • Sprung Campus in Calgary, Alberta
  • ARK – Agro Resiliency Kit is an alliance of Sprung who operate the 4,200 sq m on-site greenhouse.


  • Growing up to 17,000 plants 365 days a year for Sprung employees and local restaurants.


  • Organic vegetables that are locally grown and free of pesticides in a year round Greenhouse.
  • The construction method allows for faster assembly times with lower initial investments.
  • Sprung’s highly translucent membrane provides diffused lighting for optimal growing conditions and backed by a 10 year membrane guarantee
  • Minimal air loss combines with solar gain, and passive solar technologies to dramatically reduce energy costs

Choose Sprung for Growing Spaces:

For customers seeking an alternative solution to conventional greenhouses, ARK is offering comprehensive growing solutions utilizing hydroponics and aquaponics all under a Sprung Greenhouse.

Sprung structures are available in widths from 30’ to 200’ wide by any length, and engineered to accelerate construction, lower project costs and reduce operating expenses. A wide variety of doors and cargo doors available. Sprung tensioned fabric structures provide a completely customizable and fast solution for the growing spaces industry.

Leasing programs are also available from 1 to 5 years.