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Resolution Copper Mine – Winch and Hoist House

Resolution Copper

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About The Project

Located in Superior, Arizona, Resolution Copper Mine is poised to be one of the largest underground copper mines in the world, second only to the Rio Tinto Escondido mine in Chile. Sprung supplied the mine with structures that now serve as the operation’s winch and hoist houses.

The Sprung structures were selected due in part to their speed of delivery and construction, their unique crane liftable features and their engineered, relocatable design.

Prior to serving as a winch house and hoist house, the Sprung structures at Resolution Copper Mine were used as on-site warehousing for long lead items. The 40’ x 48’ structure was then crane lifted into place for the winch house. The 80’ x 158’ structure covers the hoist house and the electrical building. The flexibility of the Sprung structures’ design made them the right choice for the team at Resolution Copper.

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