Municipal Buildings

Emergency Facilities for Municipalities

From emergency shelters to storage facilities, Sprung’s emergency facilities for cities and towns can be rapidly constructed and adapted to a wide range of uses. The tension fabric buildings can withstand all types of weather and have been constructed around the world in hot and cool climates. For municipalities, Sprung’s buildings have been selected for emergency structures, fire halls, emergency shelters and public works storage facilities for equipment or supplies. Communities both small and large will benefit from Sprung’s tension-fabric emergency buildings.

Municipal Public Works & Emergency Buildings

Sprung’s public works and emergency facilities are customizable and adaptable. They can be rapidly constructed, making them the preferred solution for emergency buildings.

Why Sprung for Municipal Emergency Facilities

  1. Lightweight Aluminum Substructure – Sprung’s emergency buildings can be erected on existing parking lots. For emergency structures up to 160 feet long, no additional foundation is required.
  2. Engineered for All Climates – Cities all around the world rely on Sprung’s innovative emergency buildings. The tension-fabric structures can withstand most extreme weather conditions and meet all building codes.
  3. Immediate Delivery from Inventory – For both temporary and permanent emergency buildings, Sprung has available inventory for rapid construction.
  4. Rust Free Aluminum Substructure – Sprung’s buildings are engineered to outperform galvanized steel pipe alternatives.
  5. Lease with Option to Purchase – Increase your cash flow savings with Sprung’s convenient in-house leasing program for all types of municipal emergency structures.

Sample Projects and Emergency Facilities

Atlanta International AirportSalt Lake City Logistics Equipent Storage and Office Space - Fire DepartmentBay County Fire Department