Communities have come to depend on the Sprung Advantage.

For high-performance building systems that meet strict budgets and even stricter timelines, Sprung provides structures that are rapidly constructed and truly versatile. Our durable tensioned fabric structures are in use by church congregations, educational facilities, and even homeless shelters.


Sprung structures are the ideal solution for congregations requiring interim and permanent multi-functional applications, allowing your church to grow with flexibility and expandability. Sprung's quick construction times and economical, environmentally sensible structures help your church stand out from the rest.

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Sprung's tension membrane structures provide complete customized solutions to educational facilities looking for permanent or semi-permanent structure projects. With immediate, cost-effective solutions that promote energy efficiency, Sprung provides optimum environments for lecture halls and renovation swing space.

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First Nations

First Nations across North America have embraced Sprung for a wide range of building projects ranging from multipurpose recreation facilities, casinos and powwow centers.

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Homeless Shelters

Sprung tensioned fabric structures are available in widths of 30–200 feet by any length, in virtually any size and shape and provide homeless shelter applications with an attractive, permanent appearance that come with attractive features like doors and windows typically found in conventional construction.

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