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Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is all about ensuring the responsible planning and management of resources. As a family-based company with a multi-generational history, we aren’t just focused on creating energy-efficient structures to meet today’s challenges, we’re also passionate about finding long-lasting solutions that will improve the lives of every generation to come.

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Eco-friendly buildings by design

Sprung produces one of the most eco-friendly building solutions on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a high-tech LEED-certified building or a simple shelter with an ultra-light ecological footprint, Sprung delivers high-quality, energy-efficient structures that meet your unique needs.  

We’re helping the environment by making ecologically smart choices

Inherent in the design and engineering of our structures is the ability to repurpose or reuse them multiple times. Not only is a Sprung structure’s aluminum frame light in weight, all of its connections are bolted together, allowing customers the flexibility to relocate in the future.  

In addition to ensuring that all of our structures are adaptable and reusable, we at Sprung embrace a number of other environmentally conscious measures and processes:   

  • Sprung structures are designed, engineered and manufactured using resources from local suppliers who are concerned about the environment and make sustainable efforts from cradle to grave.   
  • The aluminum substructure we use for all of our buildings contains a minimum of 45% recycled content. When it arrives at the end of its life, the substructure is also 100% recyclable (but end-of-life is a long time away with our 50-year pro-rata warranty).  
  • A Sprung structure’s building envelope features enhanced thermal efficiency and air-tightness thanks to a continuous layer of fiberglass, which also contains 25% recycled materials. 
  • Highly translucent daylight panels in our structures can minimize artificial lighting requirements, resulting in reduced energy costs. 
  • Our modular construction allows for cost-effective shipping to your site. Plus, because of the modular design, virtually no waste ends up in landfills. 

Sprung helps meet LEED-certified building requirements

Our adherence to international environmental and quality standards all contribute to a smaller global impact. When choosing to build with Sprung, you’re choosing to build a structure that will help support your efforts to obtain LEED® certification. Our durable, high-quality and lasting structures have a variety of aspects that contribute to attaining LEED credits, including: 

  • Optimization of energy performance  
  • Efficient waste management 
  • Maximization of natural light 
  • Durability