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Notre histoire commence en 1887 lorsque nous avons inventé et démarré à produire des produits personnalisés en textile. D’une décennie à l’autre, le nom de la famille Sprung est devenu synonyme “d’enceintes innovatrices”; et s’est imposé comme un pionnier de classe mondiale de la technologie et des solutions des membranes tendues.

Nous Sommes les Pionniers des Structures Textiles Comme Nul Autre

  • Tout a démarré à la fin du 19eme siècle, lorsque nos ancêtres ont commencé à expérimenter des techniques et du matériel pour créer un toile unique pour les structures de tentes, les cantines ambulantes, les matelas, etc.
  • Ils ont raffiné le processus de sorte que le toile pouvait résister aux rigueurs du nouveau monde.
  • Les applications de la technologie de la membrane en textile ont pris de l&’92;ampleur tout comme la demande accrue en dehors de l’est de l’Amérique du Nord où Sprung a été fondé.
  • Cette tradition familiale honorable’et notre engagement à la technologie, l’innovation et la R-D; s’est transmise de génération en génération au fil du temps.

Personne Ne Connait les Structures Textiles Comme Sprung

  • Aujourdhui, Sprung est le meilleur à livrer des solutions de construction plus rapides et meilleures à travers des structures brevetées en membrane tendue.
  • Les Structures Sprung sont conçues pour s&’92;adapter à presque tout climat, conception requise et budget.
  • Actuellement, les structures Sprung sont utilisées dans des centaines de différentes applications, dans plus de 100 pays, pour nombre d’organisations mondiales prestigieuses.
  • Nous avons des centres de production et de distribution en Amérique du Nord et au Moyen Orient, et des bureaux de par le monde’ solutions régionales, face-à-face que les distributeurs en ligne ne peuvent pas offrir.
  • Avec plus de 12.000 structures en service, nous demeurons attachés à fournir des solutions de construction innovantes assurant toujours les Avantages de Sprung: capacités de construction rapide, flexibilité totale de conception, durabilité et performance exceptionnelles et coûts globaux inferieurs.

Célèbre 130 Années

This year the Sprung Group of Companies is celebrating 130 years of innovation and customer service. We’ve come a long way but we continue to hold the values from our humble beginnings; hard work, innovation lead to unsurpassed quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in our history, and we’re pride in everything we do today.

In 1887, Philip Dorland Sprung, originally from Belleville, Ontario, came to Alberta with a wave of new settlers. Shortly after his arrival, he partnered with W.A. Deny to build a business which catered to the expanding needs of the booming city. Western Tent & Mattress Co., established in 1887, pioneered the beginning of the Sprung family’s entrepreneurialism in Calgary.

Selling to a wide territory, from Western Saskatchewan to Eastern British Columbia, Western tent & Mattress Co. grew quickly. They manufactured tents, teepees, awnings, wagon covers, flags, tarpaulins, camp beds, furniture and blankets in the canvas department while the bedding department sold iron and brass beds, springs, cots, iron couches, pillows and mattresses. Such an extensive product line required vast amounts of floor space, roughly 27,000 square feet, between 3 factories and warehouses. Western Tent & Mattress Co. was regarded as one of the most progressive and reliable business firms in Calgary.

Philip Dorland Sprung
Philip Dorland Sprung

On January 9, 1926, Philip Dorland Sprung, his partner, John Clindinin and Sprung’s son, Donald Allen, founded the garment manufacturing company, Sprung-Clindinin. The original product line started with sport & work wear and eventually included western & winter wear. Each garment was designed and produced in Calgary but the distribution areas included the whole of Western Canada, Alaska and the North Western United States.

During the early 1950’s Philip Davis Sprung, son of Donald Allen Sprung, left law school to help with the family firm. For the next 25 years, Philip Davis spent much of his time driving around the country building up the business.

Though Sprung-Clindinin sold many products over the years, none were so popular as their down jackets. Considered to be a staple in chilly environments, the sales of these coats caused Sprung-Clindinin to be one of the largest purchasers of down in North America. By the mid 1970’s, innovations had been made in winter synthetics allowing garments to become more technological. These advances were coupled with an increased demand by consumers for high fashion sportswear. As a result, Sprung Ski Wear was created to fill the niche.

Though Philip Dorland passed away in 1958 and Donald Allen in 1981, Sprung Ski Wear continued well into its 65th year under Philip Davis and his daughter Kerri Lynn Sprung, before finally closing its doors in 1991. The cost of manufacturing garments locally was no longer viable in a market place dependent on low-cost overseas labor.

Donald Allen Sprung
Donald Allen Sprung

In the late 1960’s, Royal American Shows approached Philip Davis Sprung in hopes of convincing him to design a tent that wouldn’t blow down in the wind. Having been in the tent business his whole life, Phil easily saw the value in the proposition. For the next few years, he, along with Harry Lane, employed a wide variety of ideas and materials to eventually come up with the first working prototype of the Sprung Instant Structure, which was erected over Harry’s swimming pool. The framework was composed of glued, laminated timber arches, with exterior aluminum channels attached to the beams. Once erected the whole skeleton was then covered with a custom built and often colorful vinyl membrane.

July 26, 1971, Philip Davis applied for his first patents for this invention. The Stressed Membrane Structure.

By 1973, the “GluLam” beams were replaced by solid aluminum beams that were considerably lighter and easier to handle. The beams had channels running down their lateral edges, allowing each section of fabric to be pulled into place and tensioned. One skilled technician could oversee a small crew of inexperienced laborers and still manage to erect the structure in mere days.

Philip Davis Sprung
Philip Davis Sprung

Before long, Sprung Instant Structures operated internationally. As the technology progressed the building garnered a reputation that redefined the ‘tent’ concept. They were utilized for numerous applications such as mining and construction shelters, military storage facilities, sports arena covers, exposition centers and widely in the natural resource sector.

A lot has changed since the late ’60s’. The modern Sprung Structure is adaptable to any industry and can be engineered to withstand wind and snow loads and competes with any conventional building. There are a variety of features available including everything from energy savings daylight panels, insulation packages and a multitude of available colors to gigantic cargo doors, glazing walls and bold graphics packages.

Philip Donald Sprung
Philip Donald Sprung

The allure of the Sprung Structure wasn’t only due to its design, but to its availability. Most structures were shipped from inventory within a week of placing the order. In order to maintain their position as an industry leader, SIS followed a customer-driven business model which resulted in many design innovations. To date, the structures have continued to successfully adapt to a more diverse and demanding global marketplace.

In 2001, Philip Donald Sprung succeeded his father as President of the company. His younger brother, Timothy Earnest Sprung, be came Vice President and Head of International Sales.

In 2016 another generation joined the company as Philip Donald Sprung’s daughter Shelbi Sprung and Kerri Lynn Sprung’s son Davis Donald Avery started to working for Sprung.

Timithy Ernest Sprung
Timothy Earnest Sprung

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