Performance Architectural Membrane

Sprung’s performance architectural membrane is not only as tough, durable and color fast as conventional building materials, it offers real cost advantages, through energy efficiency, climate control and quicker build times.

  • Safe—The exterior architectural membrane is fire resistant and extremely durable. Designed to endure any climate imaginable; from -60°F (-51°C) to 122°F (+50°C). All our membranes are created with a high-strength rip stop design.
  • Energy efficient—The architectural membrane creates a natural vapor barrier and improves the building’s R-value with virtually no dead air space. A blackout layer prevents solar gain and helps manage climate control. Our daylight membrane option provides an abundance of natural light, reducing lighting costs.
  • Attractive—Our selection of finishes eliminates the need to refinish exterior or interior walls. Our membranes can be printed to match any style or design, create a unique look or support branding. Click Here for more information.
  • Cost effective—The membrane is installed much quicker than conventional building envelopes, reducing build cost and down time, getting you up and running much faster.

Our innovative construction process

  • The membrane’s unique interior structure comprises individual 4.5-meter (about 14.75-ft) membrane panels that are installed through the structure’s aluminum frame.
  • The membrane is then vertically and horizontally tensioned with a 10-ton hydraulic jack and ram.
  • Once the membrane is tensioned, you will never need to retension it throughout the duration of its life span. It is highly resistant to tearing and ripping, even if forcefully punctured.
  • The structure is permanent once completed, but can be relocated and repurposed if needed thanks to the unique design and engineering of the structural frame.

We have membrane solutions for specific structure applications

For Permanent Structures
Sprung’s Kynar Coated or Dupont TEDLAR Coated Membrane

  • The longest-lasting fabric of its type in the world
  • Coating guards against UV and airborne contaminants and dramatically extends membrane life
  • Weighs approximately 24 oz. per square yard
  • Has a clean bright look, offering an ideal background for graphic treatments
  • Available in large selection of colors (custom colors available)
  • 25-year pro-rata guarantee

For Interim and Relocatable Building Solutions
Sprung’s Polyurethane Membrane

  • Opaque for maximum longevity and energy efficiency
  • Rain Kleen® finish prolongs life of the fabric and is easy to clean
  • Weighs approximately 18 oz. per square yard
  • Available in white, grey or tan
  • 15-year pro-rata guarantee

For COLD WEATHER Installations
Sprung’s Low-Temperature Arctic Membrane

  • Designed for installations exposed to 23°F or colder (-5°C or colder)
  • Specialized cold temperature durability to -60°F (-51°C)
  • Weighs approximately 25 oz. per square yard
  • Available in white or tan
  • 15-year pro-rata guarantee

For Greenhouse Installations
Highly Translucent Greenhouse Membrane

  • Membrane specifically designed for Greenhouses
  • Ideal light transmission while diffusion eliminates shadowing
  • Weighs approximately 24 oz. per square yard
  • Natural cleaned with rainwater or snow
  • 10-year pro-rata Guarantee

Other Reasons Sprung Structures Outperform

Aluminum Substructure
Performance Insulation

Customize your Sprung structure by choosing from our unique, stylish and functional selection of accessories for industrial and commercial applications.

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