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Berce Athletic Center



  • Regis University Berce Athletic Center


  • Regis University, located in Colorado, is a rapidly growing post-secondary institution that needed a fast, cost-effective solution for additional gymnasium space.
  • The Berce Athletic Training Center was made possible by donation from alma-mature Mr. Dan and Annie Berce, Dan is the President and CEO of GM Financial.


  • 130’ wide by 150’ long Sprung Structure size of structure
  • Daylight panels in peak
  • Fully insulated 9″ R30
  • Designed to shed snow
  • Relocatable and reconfigurable


  • The window to build was short with the school summer only a few months break.
  • The structure was delivered and completed in 4 months. Premier performing wood flooring was installed for NCAA level Volleyball that will take place.
  • The University has been preparing for this level of competition for many years.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Two basketball courts
  • Three volleyball courts
  • Training facility


“The facility was completed with outstanding results and fits our needs perfectly. The administrative and technical support we received from Sprung Instant Structures was outstanding. To this day, they continue to impress us with their follow-up on the project. I can honestly say this is one of the best working relationships I have ever had.”
– Mike Redmond, Regis University Associate VP, Physical Plant & Capital Projects
“As an athletic training center. I think it’s a perfect environment and a venue for those that practice and everything to use it.”
– Mike Redmond, Regis University Associate VP, Physical Plant & Capital Projects