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Ceili’s Rooftop



  • Ceili


  • Calgary, Alberta

The Ask

  • With Calgary’s extreme climate and short patio season, Sprung was approached to provide a year-round solution from the elements while still maintaining a vibrant outdoor atmosphere.
  • Adding to the challenge, the install was to take place on top of a downtown Calgary rooftop, during winter, meaning the installation team would be battling intense winds and heavy snow.

How Sprung Delivered

  • Sprung worked with The Rooftop team and their partners to design and install a modern, bright and customized facility.
  • The open concept design provides concert-level acoustics for events, and the natural daylight panels compliment the vast greenery that simulates an outdoor space — all while being protected from the elements.


  • For more information on Ceili’s Rooftop visit the webpage – CLICK HERE.


Calgary is known for its extreme weather shifts and our goal was to design a structure to provide a light, bright, clear span space, open to the air but with enough coverage to provide a unique, fun, and functional space for more than just “summer” – but rather upwards of 8 to 10 months per year. We have proudly dubbed the finished product, “The World’s Largest Umbrella.”

– W. Brett Wilson & J. Matt Blanchfield

There is no question that the Sprung team held true to their reputation of being innovative, fast, and cost-effective. While continuously working with our design team and theirs, we created an aluminum framed membrane structure on the rooftop of a Calgary building what will be enjoyed in the spring, summer, fall, and even winter.”

– W. Brett Wilson & J. Matt Blanchfield