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Enoch Cree First Nation Powwow

Enoch Cree First Nation Powwow


150’ diameter Sprung Structure

As the Enoch Cree Nation was preparing for their annual Powwow, hosting approximately 1,800 people, they remembered Sprung’s long term quality and service from a project completed in the early 1990s. Sprung was able to provide the Enoch Cree Nation with the following customized features:

  • The tribe colours white and salem blue in a Tedlar and Kynar architectural membrane.
  • A round structure resembling a teepee.
  • Cost effective earth anchoring system.
  • A 9000 CFM ventilation unit in the peak to dissipate heat.

The Sprung structure provided the Enoch Cree Nation with a unique powwow experience, as they were able to celebrate on the grass, one with the Earth, yet protected from the elements. Sprung structures are engineered for extreme wind loads which outperform conventional tent technology. This is an excellent year round solution for every First Nation tribe that hosts powwows across North America.

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