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Oil and Gas

Andora Sawn Lake Demonstration Project

Canasia Energy Corporation

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Andora Energy Corporation needed an energy-efficient facility for its a steam-assisted gravity (SAGD) demonstration project at Sawn Lake. Operating on a tight schedule, and with a limited budget, the company required fast delivery and construction of two structures—one to serve as its steam generation building, and one to serve as a production building.

Andora decided on a Sprung solution, partly because Sprung’s tensioned membrane structures would not require a concrete foundation and could be completed much faster, and at a significantly lower cost, than more conventional, steel framed buildings.


Sprung designed and delivered two structures for Andora’s Sawn Lake project: a 70’ x 120’ steam generation facility, and a 70’ x 105’ production building. In order to reduce field costs and save valuable time during construction, the Sprung and Andora teams worked to limit crane requirements by devising a rail-track system for mounting the structures. In addition, the energy-efficient structures were designed to include peak-integrated daylight panels as well as large, framed openings to accommodate a variety of hefty equipment.

Not only was the Andora team happy with the significant cost savings associated with choosing to build with Sprung, they were also pleased by the fact that both structures can be repurposed and relocated once the Sawn Lake project is completed.


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