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Fort Hood Modularity Program

Fort Hood Modularity Program


  • Fort Hood


  • Grow the Army is a transformation and re-stationing initiative of the United States Army announced in 2007 and scheduled to be completed by fiscal year 2013. As part of this transformation of the US Army, Fort Hood was one of the first bases to receive upgrades through the Grow the Army plan. The initiative is designed to increase the Army by almost 75,000 soldiers, while realigning a large portion of the force in Europe to the continental US in compliance with the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure program (BRAC).


  • Six 50’ x 95’ Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Three 50’ x 65’ Unit Storage Facilities
  • Two 50’ x 75’ Flat Ended Unit Storage Facilities
  • Two 50’ x 90’ Flat Ended Vehicle Maintenance Facilities


  • Fort Hood is a major training facility which is constantly receiving and deploying soldiers to all parts of the world. Ordered and completed in 2004, Sprung provided 13 new structures to be used as either vehicle maintenance facilities complete with foam suppression systems or as insulated unit storage facilities.

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