Market Sector Disaster Recovery & Emergency Response

High River Disaster Recovery

High River Disaster Recovery

In the days leading up to June 20, 2013, Alberta, Canada, experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding described by the federal government as the worst in Canada’s history. Areas along the Bow, Elbow, Highwood, Red Deer, Sheep, Little Bow, and South Saskatchewan rivers were particularly affected. A total of 32 states of local emergency were declared and 28 emergency operations centers were activated as water levels rose and numerous communities were placed under evacuation orders. All 13,000 residents of the Town of High River was evacuated on June 20, after flooding of the Highwood River. High River officials looked to Sprung to supply a number of structures due in part to speed of delivery and construction, limited foundation requirements, aesthetics, monthly leasing as well as utilizing a relocatable structure that can be re-purposed to address long term master plan needs.

Within a few short weeks construction began on 6 Sprung structures as follows:
30’ x 300’ Retail complex
60’ x 100’ Salvation Army donation center
80’ x 120’ Office complex to house High River town administration
80’ x 120’ Welcome Center and Library
50’ x 75’ Fire Station
50’ x 75’ Fire Station
All structures are insulated with an efficient R-25 blanket as all Sprung facilities in High River will be in place for one to two years.


“By September 2013 a temporary business park constructed from Sprung Structures was up and running, a distribution centre for donations was operational and office space for renewal operations staff, two fire halls were operational,  a library and recreational structures were being finished for occupation. This was a remarkable accomplishment. These structures did more than provide a bright, safe and warm place to allow activities to go on. It provided the community with a sense of confidence and reassurance that their community would and was recovering. It gave residents a place to meet, shop, and release some of the anxiety that they felt. Having the Sprung Structure option was a vital component for business and community continuity.”