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Juniper Networks Event Center

Juniper Networks Event Center

Juniper Networks, located in Sunnyvale, California, near San Francisco, offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates value and helps service providers, enterprises, and public sector organizations accelerate business success within a new, changing global marketplace. This technology helps run the world’s largest and most demanding global networks.

Having originally planned for the construction of a $20 million assembly hall that was expected to take over a year to construct, Juniper Networks instead turned to Sprung in late 2010 for a building solution that could be built in half the time of conventional construction, and come in under budget — 70% under budget, to be exact. Juniper Networks sought a structure that could easily adapt to changing priorities, move with the long-term construction of its campus, and have the ability to relocate if need be.

Juniper also required a building choice that could support all of its AV equipment and could provide excellent acoustics with little sound heard from external sources like falling rain and heavy wind. All in all, Sprung was able to provide Juniper Networks with a 120′ x 270′ fully insulated tensioned fabric structure that was erected quickly and efficiently, and provides a clearspan interior with little structural interruption.

Within three months of initial construction, Juniper was able to host their very first assembly in January 2011.


“I just wanted to take a moment and thank the entire Sprung Structures team. As you know, we all faced a monumental task to complete this project in time for Juniper Networks’ first quarter annual meeting. With satellite trucks scheduled and the meeting being broadcast around the world, there was no option other than providing Juniper with a quality building and on time. Sprung Structures’ professional team and excellent product enabled San Jose Construction to be successful in accomplishing our goal.”